Antistatic flexible packaging

PN  100552-A

Color Blue Or Pink

Campi di applicazione:
Per il settore  Elettronico protezione piastre e componenti

Electrical Properties
Surface Resistivity (inside/outside) at 28. 8°C and 12% RH <1011Ohms/sq
Static Decay Rate (5000 volts O volts at 28.8°C and 12% RH) < 2 Seconds

Custom Sizes
Bags are also available to order in any size from 3" X 3" to 60" X 88" and from 75 X 75mm to 1200 X 2000mm.

Bags Printed with  Logo ESD,


The static charges are the invisible enemy of electronic components and the circuit- boards . With the increasing of the sensibility of the electronic components to the static charges the packaging has an important role in the prevention of accumulations of charges . The anti-static bags have been developed in order to offer protection from electrostatic discharges, radio-frequencies and electromagnetic induction

Physical Properties

Colour Clear or Tinted
Thickness 2 mils (50 micron) - 8 mils (200 microns)
Tensile Strength (ASTM D 882) 1500 to 3000 psi
Tear Strength (ASTM D 1004) 65 to 450 lbs/inch
Elongation (ASTM D 882) MD: 550
Dart Impact (ASTM D 3420) 250-750 grms
Burst (Mullen) (ASTM D 3420) 20-60 psi
Heating Sealing
   - Temperature:
   - Time: 
   - Pressure:
(ASTM D 882)  
.25 - 3.5 Seconds
30 -60 psi

The values shown above were developed from random samples taken from production material. We believe them to be typical for this particular product. Because of normal lot to lot variations, actual values may vary somewhat from these depicted here. We makes no warranty, express or implied; as to the suitability of these materials for any specific product. Consumers should determine product suitability through their own testing and evaluation.


Food Contact

FDA Approved


Type II Mil B 81705

Antistatic Polythene is a homogenous non-amine antistatic polythene film. Antistatic polythene bags will not generate or carry a static charge and so are used to package non sensitive products entering an ESD protected area. This polythene is available clear. or with a pink tint This polythene is effective at low relative humidities (less than 12%). The antistatic additives used do not effect the film clarity or quality.


ASTM D 257 -DIN 53482


La National Fire Protection Agenty (NFPA) fissa specifiche procedure per il pakaging,La
NFPA-99 specifica le condizioni per l'imballaggio medicale ai paragrafi 3-

Condizionamento: 50% ± 2% RH at 23° ± 1°C per 25 ore o sotto
equilibriorichiede un  test a 50% ± 2% RH at 23° ± 1°C.

a. Static Decay: Il tempo di decadimento non eccede  0.5 seconds (90% dissipazione.)

b.Resistivitą superficiale: 
la misura della resistivitą sarą minore
di 1 x 10 11 W/sq.

uesto prodotto contiene additivi che superano i test  NFPA

Questo prodotto contiene additivi conformi a tale  specifica nei punti 4.8.3 e 4.8.8

Polycarbonate Compatibility Testing:

Questo prodotto non  contiene additivi incompatibilii  al Policarbonato
(come ad esempio piastre per  circuiti elettronici in policarbonato)


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